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Actress and Content Creator: Porsche Kemp

The Glam Gatzby staff had the pleasure of interviewing actress and content creator, Porsche Kemp. Porsche shared with us some of her favorite summer styles. Check it out and be sure to follow her on Instagram: Porschekemp_.

Tell Us Some Of Your Fashion Do's & Don’ts

"In my opinion a major "fashion don't" is being uncomfortable in what you are wearing. If you look in the mirror and don't feel like you.. that is a major Don't! On the flip side of the that a "fashion do" is trying new things, pick a day and step outside of your comfort zone!"

What are your style predictions for the summer?

"One thing I have been obsessed with is people experimenting with patterns. My fingers are crossed that everyone will go all out with more patterns and silhouettes this summer season!"

What is your go-to style for the summer?

"Something I always pull out are crop tops! I love how free I feel in them, and of course crops are a nod to many different eras!"

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