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Passion For Fashion: Chat with Shambria Davis

The Glam Gatzby staff got the chance to chop it up with Passionate Speaker and Health Enthusiast, Shambria Davis. Let's get to know what makes this queen feel her best when it comes to summertime fashion. Before we start, go over to Instagram and follow her now. IG: @Unapologetically_Passionate

What is your favorite go-to summer style?

I would say my favorite summer go to style is considered “when tom-boyish meets chic summer breeze.” What I mean by this is, by nature, I consider myself more on the ‘tomboy’ and laissez faire side, meaning I prefer a style that is very comfortable with minimum effort. Furthermore, because the summer time is fairly hot, I prefer my style to incorporate chicness with an element of summer breeze. I’ll definitely be including more baggy jeans/shorts with a versatile and chic top (i.e. crop top, tank top, etc.)

Style do's and don'ts?

Style do: 90’s style hands down. 90’s is so versatile and can definitely be modernized. I’m a 90’s baby so that’s a plus!
Style don’t: Honestly, I don’t have a style don’t. One because I’m not so much focused on fashion (getting better) and two, I just feel anyone can make anything look good. It’s all about your style, uniqueness, and overall confidence!

What are your style predictions for summer 2022?

I’d like to enhance my current style which is still on the laissez faire side but make it more modern. Example, incorporating more tennis shoes that can compliment either a nice chic black dress or a nice short set. I want to be bolder in my style approach and more fearless with putting clothes together, that may seem unorthodox, yet, this represents my unorthodox life.

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